Available from late 2021 Touring Exhibition

Material Tales: The Life of Things touring exhibition

As we face the realities of the Earth’s limited resources, designers and users are unpicking how objects are made, and at what material cost.

What are the materials that go into the objects that define our day to day lives? And how has material innovation changed the ways in which we live today?

What to expect

Material Tales is the first dedicated touring exhibition developed by the Design Museum and is set to travel internationally from 2021/2022.

The exhibition offers an inspiring and educational journey through the surprising life of everyday materials, sharing innovative solutions for a more sustainable future and encouraging greater material literacy for all.

Available from late 2021

Elissa Brunato, Bio Iridescent Sequin (1)

Designers in Residence 2019, photograph by Felix Speller

9 MODIS images show shrinking of the Aral Sea 2000-2013, NASA

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