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Redesign of the UK passport

Following a referendum vote in 2016, citizens of the United Kingdom, including England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, opted to leave the European Union. The UK therefore will need a new passport to replace the current EU document.

The design blog Dezeen, saw an opportunity to explore the identity and aspirations of the UK after it leaves the EU and created an unofficial competition to redesign the passport. The brief specified the document should function as a permit to travel, whilst also presenting a positive view of the country to the rest of the world. The competition was open to everyone irrespective of nationality, profession and age. From the 200 submissions, the youngest entrant was 12 years old and the oldest was 83. Overall the entries came from 34 different countries. The criteria for judging was based on the strength of the idea and a clear rationale, its function as an official document, and the final finish of the passport. The display features eight passports shortlisted by a panel as part of the competition.

The existing passport dates to when the UK joined the EU in 1988. The burgundy soft-cover document replaced the hard-back navy blue passport that had been used by British travellers since 1920.

Visit Dezeen to find out more.

Ian Macfarlane, winner

Special Projects, second prize

Tim Gambell and Alfons Hooikaas, third prize

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