Made Thought x Design Museum Instagram Takeover

Creative studio Made Thought is taking over the Design Museum’s Instagram account for two days from 20 November. The Beazley Designs of the Year nominees – who created the world’s first plastic-free aisle for Dutch supermarket, Ekoplaza – are challenging the museum’s audience to take part in a series of plastic-free challenges involving food and drink packaging. The studio is encouraging followers to record and share their responses to the challenges, which will be announced over the course of the takeover, to inspire positive action to address the global issue of single-use plastic.

The Instagram takeover is part of a larger project between Made Thought and environmental campaign group A Plastic Planet, as they work with the Design Museum in its efforts to become a plastic-free institution. A Plastic Planet undertook a full plastic audit of the museum earlier this month, the results of which have led them to start introducing plastic-free alternatives and straight-swapping materials, such as plastic straws, bottles and cups in the café and office spaces.

When asked about the wider aim of the plastic challenges and the guerilla-style approach to the takeover, Made Thought expressed that it wanted to take people beyond the facts and statistics on the plastic pollution crisis and empower them to feel part of the solution, rather than part of the problem. The creative studio’s attitude and proactive concept very much mirrors its approach to design, using it to positively impact and change the way we think and behave.

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The Design Museum caught up Made Thought’s creative director, Ben Parker and co-founder of A Plastic Planet, Sian Sutherland, over a Q&A to talk more about their Beazley nomination and ongoing creative partnership.

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