the Surrealist designs as signs

The Surrealists were known for harnessing their dreams and took a lively interest in astrology, channelling cosmic aesthetics and symbols into their work. Inspired by our exhibition #ObjectsOfDesire, astrologer Lisa Stardust gives us a rundown of the new year and looks at the surrealist designs as zodiac signs.

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Your 2023 at a glance

Your 2023 is a time of radical change and growth. Love conquers all, art will fulfil our souls with nourishment, judgements are pushed to the sidelines, and hope for a better tomorrow inspires us to be the best we can in the new year.

Artworks by Anna Bu Kliewer and horoscopes by Lisa Stardust.


It’s hard to leave the past behind you — especially when there are many wrongs you have to right. Mending your heart, facing your fears, and owning up to hard truths won’t be easy — but if anyone can do it, you can.

Cadeau (Gift), 1963, replica of lost 1921 original Man Ray


You’re no longer the sweet little Bull you once were— you are evolving into a force to be reckoned with who exudes brilliance in 2023. Use these skills to your advantage and be the master of your domain.

Mae West’s Lips sofa, 1938, Salvador Dali and Edward James


Committing to one group of peers has never been your style — until now. Even though you’re part of one set of friends, you can still be a social butterfly in your downtime. Be inclusive and invite your acquaintances out with your crew.

MAgriTTA chair, 1970, Roberto Sebastian Matta


This is a time where you’re realizing and realigning with your professional dreams. Anything can happen in 2023 — be prepared to become the CEO of your own company or at the height of your career.

Pink minidress, 2021, Schiaparelli by Daniel Roseberry.


In order to gain clarity, you’ll have to take a step back and look at the situation from a distance. Having space in between things will give you a chance to make sense out of matters. Also, give yourself the chance to relax and heal.

Oshun Omi ring and pendant, 2022, Vince Fraser & EROTIKK.


You’re changing the narrative this year and taking charge of your life. In the past you’ve been passive and allowed others to control your decisions. Now, you are embracing your power and taking a stand.

Bracelet en fourrure (Fur Bracelet), 2014 edition of 1935 original, Meret Oppenheim


Relationships are forming and ending in the new year. It’s important for you to align with those who have your best interests at heart. Let go of those who haven’t proven themselves worthy of your time and energy.

Champagne lamp, 1938, Salvador Dalí and Edward James


You may be replacing the good old party days of yesterday with nights of intense conversations about politics. You’re evolving and growing — which is exactly what your interests are doing, too. Lean into adulthood and maturity.

'Miss Blanche’ chair,1988, Shiro Kuramata


You’re looking for a strong foundation and longing for a place to call home. The caveat is that your wanderlust spirit may interject with the desire to plant roots. Remember, home is wherever you are and whomever you’re with.

Horse Lamp, 2006, Front Design


Spending time with your family will bring you peace, happiness, and joy. Relish the time spent with those you love — even if the occasional squabble happens. Embrace the unconditional love they give to you.

Hand Chair, 1965, Pedro Friedeberg


You’ve always marched to the beat of your own drum. Now, you aren’t afraid to hide the uniqueness that makes you an individual who shines brighter than others. Be proud to be your own person.

Cartoon Chair, 2007, Fernando & Humberto Campana


Your fantasies can become realities. The moment you let go and dive into your subconscious, you’ll find a plush imaginative world that you must bring to life through your art in the new year. The sky’s the limit for creativity.

Untitled (Brooch with Eye and Tear), 1952, Jean Cocteau for Elsa Schiaparelli

The Exhibition

Objects of Desire: Surrealism and Design 1924 – Today

Discover the dreamlike relationship between Surrealism and design – a Vitra Design Museum Exhibition.

Discover Surrealism

What is Surrealism and why it matters now

Curator Kathryn Johnson explains the story behind surrealism and its impact on design in this video produced in collaboration with Dezeen.

Full image captions

Aries: Cadeau (Gift), 1963 replica of lost 1921 original Man Ray. Iron, nails. Vitra Design Museum. © Man Ray 2015 Trust/DACS, London 2022 

Taurus: Bracelet en fourrure (Fur Bracelet), 2014 edition of 1935 original, Meret Oppenheim. Burnished brass, fur. Courtesy GEMS AND LADDERS. © Meret Oppenheim/DACS 2022 

Gemini: MAgriTTA chair, 1970, Roberto Sebastian Matta for Simon International. Manufactured by Gavina S.p.A, 1971-80. Methacrylate, polyurethane foam, acrylic fabric, rubber. Vitra Design Museum. © ADAGP, Paris and DACS, London 2022 .

Cancer: Pink minidress, Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2021 Schiaparelli by Daniel Roseberry. Satin silk, sequins (dress), gilded brass (jewellery), natural calfskin, brass (boots). Paris, Maison Schiaparelli.   

Leo: Oshun Omi ring and pendant, 2022, Vince Fraser & EROTIKK. Sterling silver, 18 carat vermeil gold plating, black rhodium, precious stones Courtesy of VINCE FRASER and EROTIKK.

Virgo: Mae West’s Lips sofa, 1938, Salvador Dali and Edward James. Manufactured by Green & Abbott. Felt, wood. Brighton & Hove Museums. © Salvador Dali, Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí, DACS 2022 .

Libra: Champagne lamp, 1938, Salvador Dalí and Edward James. Lacquered metal, plastic, textile. West Dean College of Arts and Conservation. © ARS, NY and DACS, London 2022.

Scorpio: ‘Miss Blanche’ chair, 1988, Shiro Kuramata. Manufactured by Ishimaru Co., Ltd. Acrylic resin, plastic roses, anodized tubular aluminium. Vitra Design Museum.

Sagittarius: Horse Lamp, 2006, Front Design. Manufactured by Moooi BV, Breda/Niederlande, Plastic, metal. Vitra Design Museum.   

Capricorn: Hand Chair, 1965 edition of 1962 design, Pedro Friedeberg. Carved mahogany. Vitra Design Museum  .

Aquarius: Cartoon Chair, about 2007, Fernando & Humberto Campana. Stuffed Disney toys, aluminium. Design Museum Collection. © Estudio Campana.

Pisces: Untitled (Brooch with Eye and Tear), 1952 edition of 1937 design Jean Cocteau for Elsa Schiaparelli Glass, metal, faux pearl Loan of Design Museum Den Bosch, The Netherlands.