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Like me: Our bond with brands

As part of the London Design Festival, a display examining the power of the bond between people and brands, curated by branding pioneer Lippincott - the creative consultancy behind the Coca-Cola ribbon, the Campbell’s soup label and the latest Starbucks siren.

What's the display about?

Like me: Our bond with brands shows the pervasiveness of brands while reassessing the roles consumers play in their creation. Lippincott have been building brands for more than 70 years in a rapidly evolving landscape. Today, brand is bigger than a name or a logo and more than a marketing gimmick. The power dynamic between people and brands can shift and develop in sometimes surprising ways. This interactive exhibition, exploring Starbucks, The Hunger Games, and everything in between, encourages visitors to ask: who’s branding who?

Would Jay Z’s songs still pack a punch without their brand-led lyrics? How much would you pay for a piece of George Clooney? How does Grumpy Cat represent the irony of today’s brand tribes? And perhaps most importantly, what does brand mean to you?


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