designers in residence 2019 cosmic

Graphene by Marta Giralt

Explore the world of nanotechnology and uncover the future possibilities of graphene, one of the world’s strongest lightweight materials.

Designers in Residence Showcase

Explore the work of this year's residents responding to the theme Cosmic.

What to expect

Designer Marta Giralt has worked collaboratively with scientists from the Graphene Centre at Cambridge University to take graphene out of the lab environment into the hands of everyday people, in her design project – Graphene: a nanotechnologically developed material made from carbon.

Watch a short documentary with scientists and design professionals to learn about how graphene could be incorporated into everyday life, then explore five sustainable objects made from graphene – including a more reliable and efficient solar panel, and a trainer made from new breathable and heat-storing textiles.


Q&A -Marta Giralt

To mark International Women's Day, the Design Museum caught up with one of this year's designer in residence, Marta Giralt, who has explored the wonder material graphene.