designers in residence 2019 cosmic

Fatconomy by Robert Johnson

Discover the value of fat waste and how it can be used to create everyday objects in a futuristic display by British designer Robert Johnson.

Designers in Residence Showcase

Explore the work of this year's residents responding to the theme Cosmic.

What to expect

'Fatconomy' explores fat as a new sustainable material through re-thinking waste disposal systems in commercial kitchens across London.

His theatrical display is inspired by a pop-up takeaway shop and includes a wall of petri dishes containing fat samples from restaurants and takeaways across London, as well as objects created from these specific fats – including an apron, a croc shoe, cable ties and packaging materials.

Watch also a short film following the life of a cooper, a traditional craftsman, who in the film develops a new waste collection system that supports local businesses and communities.