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Share your cycle memories to feature in Cycle Revolution

To celebrate the Cycle Revolution exhibition, the museum is asking you to share your cycling memories with a picture. The best ones will be featured in the exhibition. Share your images with a quote on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #CycleRevolution then come along and see yourself featured on the social wall.

Share your own memory or answer one of the questions below

What was your first bike? What can you carry on your bike? What can't you cycle without? What's your favourite piece of cycling gear? What can you see when riding your bike? What's your favourite view from your bike? Where do you store your bike? What colour is your bike? What do you most hate as a cyclist? Where do you like to ride? What's your favourite cycling route?

Paul Smith's memory

"Aged 10, my first bike and my first introduction to the freedom of cycling."

Share your cycling memory

Share an image and a memory using the hashtag #CycleRevolution

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