Designers: gt2P (great things 2 People) with Friedman Benda Product category


The design and production of a series of objects made of ‘remolten’, Chilean volcanic lava.

Chile has the second largest and most active chain of volcanoes in the world. Throughout the Chilean mainland, there are at least 2,000 volcanoes. This practical research project developed a physical parametric methodology (Paracrafting) for the production of objects in “Remolten” volcanic lava.

Remolten revolution series quitralco finnish L stool and aux table, human scale. Credits Aryeh Kornfeld

Remolten revolution series - 3 different finnishes quitralco dripped trapelco smooth mahuanco dripped. Credits Aryeh Kornfeld

Remolten revolution series - quitralco finnish close up. Credits Aryeh Kornfeld

Remolten experiments, lava moulds for porcelain slip casting pieces. Credits gt2P


gt2P share their design story, motivations, obstacles and future plans for Remolten in this interview with the Design Museum.

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Background image | Remolten experiments solid (left and centre) and lava coated (right pieces). Credits gt2P.