Designers: Tony Brook, Adrian Shaughnessy and Patricia Finegan Graphics category

Unit Editions

A new publishing platform for graphic design.

The designers' mantra is: design books that no one else would think to publish. They use the internet to create their buying audience, whether it be Kickstarter projects, social media launches or sales on their website. Their independence from the standard publishing model also gives them freedom from the conventional approach to content.

Image credits | Paula Scher Works (hardback). Photographer's credit, Spin

Graphics nominees


A year of political unrest has proven to be a strong theme for this category, including the creation of a Refugee Nation Flag designed for the first ever Olympic refugee team.

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Beazley Designs of the Year

This exhibition comprises 62 nominations across six categories: Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Graphics, Product and Transport. The exhibition and awards showcases some of the most original and exciting products, concepts and designers in the world today.

Background image | Action Time Vision. Photographer's credit, Spin