Designer: Michael Oswell Graphics category

Ibiza Mykonos Jeremy Corbyn (Political Posters)

A series of political posters for the social media age. Oswell pokes fun at the huge gap between political rhetoric and how people typically speak on the internet.

The posters, out of necessity, exist as preprint screenshots. They were rapidly assembled according to a loose template, assigned a title, a format, a speculative print process, and were then sent out into the wild of the internet where they are left to sink or swim.

Ibiza Mykonos Jeremy Corbyn (Political Posters). Towards A Culture of Unlimited Political Violence

Ibiza Mykonos Jeremy Corbyn (Political Posters). It's Actually Very Simple

Ibiza Mykonos Jeremy Corbyn (Political Posters). Yung Vote

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A year of political unrest has proven to be a strong theme for this category, including the creation of a Refugee Nation Flag designed for the first ever Olympic refugee team.

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