UK Student Climate Network placards

In August 2018, 15-year-old activist Greta Thunberg began protesting outside the Swedish parliament, demanding politicians take immediate action to combat climate change. Unsatisfied by their response, she called for children around the world to go on strike from school until a meaningful change was made. Less than a year later, on 15 March 2019, an estimated 1.4 million students in 112 countries heeded her call to strike and protest.

Joint project with Play Nice and ILOVEYOU teamed up with the UK Student Climate Network to commission five new artworks for the students to take with them as placards. Pairing five designers with five young activists, each poster can be downloaded anywhere in the world and reused.

The strikingly designed placards express the urgent demands of the children and remind us, in Thunberg’s worlds, that the Earth is very much ‘on fire’.

This project was nominated as part of the 2019 public nominations.

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