Shoplifters 8: New Type Design

‘Shoplifters is a biannual publication by Actual Source, an independent publisher, shop and graphic design studio based in Provo, Utah, and founded by Davis Ngarupe and JP Haynie. A 600-page typographic tome that represents a new generation of type designers. This year marks the Bauhaus centenary and New Type Design can’t help but evoke Die Neue Typographie (‘The New Typography’), a revolutionary 20th-century movement in graphic design and typography. This is a tough act to follow. But New Type Design succeeds by showing that some of the same social forces continue to shift aesthetics – art, technology and commerce – and that, despite changing ideologies, new times still require new typography. New Type Design demonstrates that ‘newness’ is a tool used by stylists, classicists, revivalists and revolutionists alike to create novel forms.’

– Nominated by Zak Kyes

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