2019 nominees

Digital 2019

What is the human labour and material cost of automated, artificial and seemingly 'cloud-based' intelligence of home-speakers? Should an automated voice have a gender? What would a human face invented by a computer program look like?

Examining the year in digital design, we see these once obscure, intangible ideas begin to take form: a genderless voice created to lessen bias and promote inclusion, a diagram detailing the processes and systems used to build and operate an Amazon Alexa, and a rotating sequence of invented people.




A virtual assistant commanded by your thoughts

Anatomy of an AI System

A map visualising the real cost of AI


A game starring an augmented-reality avocado

Meet Q: The First Genderless Voice

A voice with a gender-neutral identity

Myriad (Tulips)

A system for training algorithms to learn

OLIO – The Food Sharing App

A neighbour to neighbour food sharing app to reduce food waste

This Person Does Not Exist

A website that generates fake portraits

VFRAME: Visual Forensics and Metadata Extraction

An open-source toolkit for forensic examination

WikiD: Women, Wikipedia, Design

An initiative aiming at contributing more profiles of women architects to Wikipedia

Xperia Touch

A portable and interactive projector


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