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Beazley Designs of the Year - The Virtual Experience for Schools

Buy the teacher pack for Beazley Designs of the Year to give your students virtual access to the exhibition. The pack includes a short highlights film, lesson plan, power point presentation and activities.

Virtual tour

Virtual tour

This virtual tour of Beazley Designs of the Year allows students to develop their knowledge of design across six disciplines: fashion, product, architecture, graphic, digital and transport. Through interactive content, students are introduced to the most innovative designs of the past year, representing a range of approaches to societal issues and design briefs, and encouraged to embark on further research into these.

This virtual tour includes both a complete 3D rendering of the exhibition and additional resources to enrich students’ learning experiences about these designs and the technologies behind them. From footage of the designers talking about their work to contextual articles explaining how the designs were made, the Beazley Designs of the Year virtual tour is a valuable educational resource for design, technology and textiles students.

Enhance the tour with the Beazley Designs of the Year lesson plans, available for free below.

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Teacher pack information

Ticket prices:

  • £10 per class

Included in the pack:

  • Access to the virtual exhibition
  • 12min highlights film (including instructions on how to use the virtual access.
  • Adaptable Power Point presentation of the exhibition highlights for use in teaching a lesson.
  • Lesson plan + worksheets

Suitable age range if applicable: KS3+


Additional Lesson Plans

Free downloadable resources

Access the Beazley Designs of the Year lesson plans below.

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