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The Water Box Mobile Filtration System

In 2014, water in the city of Flint in Michigan, USA, was declared unsafe to drink due to lead from corroding pipes leaching into the water supply. Faith in local government had deteriorated and churches were on the frontline of the crisis.

In response, 501cTHREE partnered with the First Trinity Baptist Church and local support services to install the first Water Box in Flint.

This mobile filtration system can remove several heavy metals and harmful pathogens from ten gallons of water in a minute, and is free for residents to use. Its design is open-source and it can be built using off-the-shelf parts..

'As social impact designers, our primary mission is to affect as many people through our work as possible. Being nominated as the design of the year is gratifying but also motivating as it amplifies our message on a global scale, further validating our dedication to 501CTHREE.' 501CTHREE.ORG Co-Founders Jaden Smith and Drew FitzGerald

Designed by Just Water and 501cTHREE.

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