Designers: Kate Darby Architects and David Connor Design Architecture Category

Croft Lodge Studio

A dilapidated 300-year-old cottage in Leominster, Herefordshire, has been re-appropriated to surprising effect as a studio space with guest accommodation. This imaginative project encapsulates the remains of the eighteenth century building, leaving many of its original features – including dead ivy, rotten timbers and old birds’ nests – intact.

The main studio space showing the enclosed ruin, Photo by James Morris

The existing ruin. Photo credit David Connor

The living area. Photo by James Morris

The living area with sleeping area above. Photo by James Morris

Architecture nominees


This category features some of the most established new buildings, including Serpentine Pavilion designer Francis Kéré’s Lycée Schorge Secondary School, built from local sourced materials.

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Background image | The ruin enclosed by a new corrigated iron shell. Photo by James Morris