Design It, Make it, Use it primary school outreach

What is Design It, Make It, Use It outreach?

Design it, Make it, Use it is the Design Museum’s national outreach project for EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils. Delivered through teacher CPD and focused around a handling collection of contemporary design objects,

DiMiUi unpacks the process of design and supports teaching of the subject by supporting delivery of a six week classroom project. DiMiUi was launched in 2016, is generously supported by the Helen Hamlyn Trust and is forming partnerships with primary schools across the U.K.

What does it involve?

  • Free teacher CPD sessions supported by design and learning professionals

  • Free resources including a project guide, teacher notes and film series

  • Support with planning a six week Design It, Make It or Use It project to be delivered at your school.

  • Support from the Design Museum Learning team

  • Opportunity to gain free access to the Design Museum’s teacher summer school.

What do participating teachers say?

The session allowed us to discuss what ‘Design’ means and how we could start these conversations with children. - Year 2/3 Teacher, Barnsley

In the session we delivered we liked how the children experimented with the different materials and were able to produce impressive designs without loads of instructions. - Year 3 Teacher, Manchester.

How do I get involved?

Express your interest in the programme by contacting us at

Please e-mail a short introduction to yourself and include:

  • The name of your school
  • Your location

Please also copy in your headteacher to the e-mail.

What resources can I expect?

A number of printed resources are available to help guide you in running your own project in your school as well as video resources around objects in the handling collection that will be sent out to your school.

Ohyo Bottle

Guy Jeremiah went on Dragon's Den with his idea for a collapsible bottle and an accompanying app that meant you were never too far from getting a fresh drink of H2O. The dragons laughed off Guy's idea to replace single use plastics with his design. Now Guy has the last laugh....

Gumdrop bin

Designer Anna Bullus was walking home, searching for inspiration for her final project for her undergraduate degree. As she walked she picked up litter in the hope of finding inspiration. When she returned home she found a crisp packet with some chewing gum in it among the rubbish she had collected.

Anna used her inspiration to come up with the idea for a chewing gum bin that people could put their old gum in.... but then she wondered what to make the bin from... how about chewing gum?

Colour changing umbrella

Designer Emma-Jayne Parkes found her inspiration on a dull day as she sat with her designer friend Viviane Jaeger. The pair thought about how they could create a design to brighten up a rainy day.

The pair started their own design company making colour changing umbrellas, rain macs and more… listen to Emma-Jayne’s story here!

Solar light

Designer Henry James worked with a brief set by a lighting charity Solar Aid to create a low cost solar powered light which could replace dangerous kerosene lamps in countries in sub-saharan Africa. But how did Henry test out his designs and how did he make sure that his end design was versatile and hard wearing?