Designer Maker User education resources

Before your visit

Pre visit lesson plan

Give your students a head-start on their visit to our permanent exhibition.

The Crowd Sourced Wall

The Design Museum asked the public what they would nominate as ‘good design’. The Crowd Sourced Wall at the beginning of the Designer Maker User gallery is a collection of those nominations. Senior Curator Alex Newson asks what is ‘good design’ and what would you nominate?

Manufacturing; the evolution of making

The Designer Maker User exhibition finishes with a look at the way in which making has changed over the last 170 years. Assistant Curator Maria McLintock takes us through the evolution of the making process and explores the human cost of manufacturing.

Frankfurt Kitchen

Experience the life size model of the Frankfurt Kitchen in Designer Maker User. Margarete "Grete" Schütte-Lihotzky was an Austrian architect who used Fordism and Taylorism to pioneer the fitted kitchen.

During your Visit

KS2-3 booklet

Print the booklet double sided and hand them out to your class. Get the students to fold the sheet in half and half again, using the dotted line as a guide, to create a booklet. Pages 1-3 can be completed before or at the start of your visit. Pages 4-8 should be completed whilst in Designer Maker User. Once students have completed page 4 they should fold the booklet inside out to access pages 5-8.

This booklet is aimed at upper key stage 2 and key stage 3.

After your Visit

Post visit lesson plan

Get your students to create and curate their own museum in this post visit lesson plan.