Designers in Residence 2020 Care

Iyá Àlàro

Discover how care manifests in Nigerian textile craft through storytelling, conversation and local production.

Abiola Onabule

Drawing inspiration from her own Nigerian cultural heritage, and through the stories and lives of women, Abiola Onabule has explored the craft of adire, a type of indigo-dyed cloth typically made in southwestern Nigeria by Yoruba women. Her new collection uses adire techniques to investigate how local West African textile designs can be redefined to resonate with contemporary fashion. As part of her residency, Abiola has also created a collaborative film that brings to the forefront practices of care such as, local production, slowing down and conversation around the cultural importance of cloth.


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Designers in Residence 2020

Designers in Residence 2020

Discover this year's theme of Care.