The Design Museum's DNA

our vision

Our vision is a world where everyone values design

Our purpose

The purpose of the Design Museum is to make the impact of design visible

Our mission

  • To build public awareness of design by connecting design with people’s lives and passions
  • To reflect the designer’s role at the forefront of social, technological and environmental change
  • To serve the design community. Design is a practice, a diverse discipline, infinitely rich in approaches and characters. It is a young discipline, whose role in the world is evolving. Our unique approach to working with designers is to invite them to ‘think in public’ with us

Our Values

The museum’s core values are collaborative, welcoming, enterprising and forward looking

Our Commitments

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Read the Design Museum's commitment to combatting racism within the museum and the design industry at large.

Design for a Sustainable Future

Sustainable development is the greatest challenge of our times. From how we use our finite resources to how we minimise waste, save water, upcycle components and tackle end to end life cycles – designers are exploring ways to create a more sustainable future.