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Tomorrow’s Designer: What next for Designers in Residence

As Designers in Residence comes to a close, the museum hosts an evening focused on tomorrow’s designer and next year’s theme - chaired by Chief Curator Justin McGuirk.

What are the qualities of tomorrow’s designer? Design is no longer exclusive but a process in which many voices can participate and this evening brings together a host of voices and past residents to look at this question and the theme for 2016 – OPEN.

The spirit of open design offers new and exciting ways to shape and experience the world around us. Tools that were once the preserve of professionals are now available to amateurs. Through hacking, co-creation, downloadable designs, and sharing of knowledge, more people than ever can take on the role of the designer On the other hand, tastes have changed with personalisation, participation and connoisseurship influencing how design happens today.

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Tickets include entry to the Designs of the Year and Designers in Residence exhibition before the activities begin. Doors open at 18:15. The talk space opens at 19:15 and last until about 20:45

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Justin McGuirk

Justin McGuirk is the chief curator at the Design Museum and the head of Design Curating & Writing at Design Academy Eindhoven. He has been the director of Strelka Press, the design critic of The Guardian, and the editor of Icon magazine.

Gem Barton

Gem Barton is an author and a course leader at Brighton University. Her specialisms include design education, the changing landscape of the design industry, relationships between spatial representation and filmmaking and the use of fiction as a vehicle in architecture. She has just published the book ‘Don’t Get a Job… Make a Job – how to make it as a creative graduate’.

Ineke Hans

Ineke set up a studio in Arnhem (NL) in 1998 after graduating from the Royal College of Art. In 2015 she returned to London to set up studio|salon: design studio & research salon. Here she works with her Dutch studio on projects for international clients and manufacturers. With the salons she explores 'the future of furniture design and the changing position of the designer'

Asif Khan

Asif Khan’s multi-award winning London-based practice works across the fields of architecture, industrial and furniture design. He was the first architect to be a designer in resident and now lectures and practices globally and in the past he has spoken at Harvard University, The Royal Academy, London, India Design Forum and Design Indaba in Cape Town.

Indy Johar

Indy Johar is Co-Founder & Executive Director Project00 and Senior Innovation Associate Young Foundation . Project00 is the Civic Start Up Studio behind Architecture00, Opendesk; WikiHouse and Impact Hub amongst other organisations.

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