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The Fear and Love Salon

The Fear and Love salon, curated by Philosophy For All, invited participants to debate fear and love and an ever changing future with some of the most innovative thinkers of today.

What to expect?

What is the future for design - contributing to a dystopian future or the best defense humans have against themselves? This question was at the heart of the London Philosophy Salon themed around Fear and Love, the subject of the opening exhibition at the Design Museum.

Participants at the Salon has the opportunity to discuss, draw, act out and argue about the concepts of fear and love from a range of perspectives, before coming together in the auditorium for a final debate.

In the first half of the Salon, participants moved through the first floor of the museum encountering a multitude of experts, each offering a different perspective and activity exploring the concept of Love. Designers, artists, psychologists, actors, biologists and philosophers will lead conversations about religion and love, politics and love, philosophy and love, and the ethics of love. In the second half of the Salon, these discussions changed as each expert switched the focus of their expertise onto fear. The final debate drew together the different strands and dimensions emerging from the preceding activities.


  • John Holroyd, on Religion and Love and Fear
  • Anja Steinbauer, on Politics and the Lasting Bond
  • Gerald Jones & Jeremy Hayward on the Game of Love and Fear
  • Piers Benn on the ethics of fear and love
  • Richard Baron on the concepts of love and fear
  • Rian Hughes and Will Bowman on the design of love and fear
  • Grant Bartley on the indifference of love and fear
  • Dr Alex Shepherd on the psychology of love and fear
  • Sara Whale on drawing love and fear
  • Clive Ward on the portrayal of love and fear

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