Exhibition Available from spring 2022

Waste Age: touring exhibition

We are living in the age of waste. Is design the answer to leaving our throwaway culture behind?


What’s in the exhibition?

We all know waste is a big problem. So how are we going to fix it?

A new generation of designers is rethinking our relationship to everyday things. From fashion to food, electronics to construction, even packaging - finding the lost value in our trash and imagining a future of clean materials and a circular economy could point the way out of the Waste Age.

Explore major new exhibits that capture the devastating impact of waste including a large-scale art installation by Ibrahim Mahama made from e-waste in Ghana.

The exhibition showcases some of the visionary designers who are reinventing our relationship with waste, including Formafantasma, Stella McCartney, The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Lacaton & Vassal, Fernando Laposse, Bethany Williams, Phoebe English and Natsai Audrey Chieza.

'We must face the problem of waste – we can no longer ignore what happens to things when we get rid of them. Instead of thinking of objects as things that have an end life, they can have many lives. This is not just an exhibition it is a campaign, and we all have an active part in our future.' Gemma Curtin, Curator.

Available from Spring 2022

A discarded bale of jeans, waiting to be recycled into Circulose — a new material made by recovering cotton from worn-out clothes for new garments. Image by Alexander Donka/Renewcell.

An e-waste sorting and recycling facility, Belgium. Image by Recupel.

An e-waste sorting and recycling facility, Belgium. Image by Recupel.

Lovely Trash Column by Blast studio — a 3D printed column made from mycelium fed and grown on coffee cup waste. Image by Blast.

S-1500 chair, designed by Snøhetta for Nordic Comfort Products made from discarded fishing nets. Image by Bjørnar Ovrebo.

Stella McCartney SU19 ECONYL® Jacket and Trousers made using regenerated nylon from fishing nets and factory waste.

Totomoxtle by Fernando Laposse — a new veneer material made with husks of heirloom Mexican corn. The project regenerates traditional, at risk, agricultural practices and preserves biodiversity for future generations.

Charlotte McCurdy and Phillip Lim, Sequin dress — made from algae bioplastic sequins on a biodegradable plant-based dress. Image by Ben Taylor.

Oxford Tire Pile , Westley, California, USA, 1999. Image by Edward Burtynsky, courtesy Flowers Gallery, London / Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Toronto.

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