Land Rover ‘Reductionism’

Devised and produced by the Land Rover design team, ‘Reductionism’ is a full size installation of an automotive speed form.

Speed forms are created as part of the design process when developing a new car. They are representations of a car in its purist form, stripped down to elemental shapes and lines. They enable designers to study a car’s basic shape, proportions and sense of movement, without being impeded by extraneous details – such as windows, lights, mirrors.

Designing cars as a sculptural forms, as well as items of luxury and of functional hi-tech engineering is a key part of Land Rover’s design strategy. “Creating a positive emotional response is central to Land Rover’s modernist design philosophy” says Gerry McGovern, Land Rover’s Chief Design Officer. “Every line and every feature has a purpose.”

Background image | Land Rover