Volunteer at the museum

The museum offers an exciting and rewarding range of volunteering opportunities. What could you do?

Types of volunteering opportunity

On-going roles: these include Welcomer, Tour Guide, Ambassador, Librarian and Family Activity volunteer. These roles suit people who enjoy working with the public, speak excellent English and offer good customer service skills

3-month placements: working 1-3 days a week, volunteers assist staff in the exhibitions, communications, publishing and learning teams. These roles often require specific skills and experience

Packing the museum’s library in preparation for the move to Kensington.

What do the volunteers say?

'The hands-on experience has been invaluable to my future career' — Shannon, Curatorial Volunteer

'Volunteering has let me share my opinions and meet like-minded people' — Aideen, Volunteer Audience Consultee

A volunteer audience consultee attending a digital user-testing session

Family volunteers taking part in a workshop

Cataloguing the Museum’s fashion collection

An Industry Expert supporting a Design Ventura workshop

Volunteering FAQs

The volunteering FAQs answer some of the most common questions from those looking for volunteer or work experience opportunities.

Work Experience

The museum recognises that work experience is different from volunteering. Currently the museum does not have the capacity to offer work experience placements, but may review the situation after a while when the museum is fully established in its new location.

Download the Design Museum Volunteering Policy

Find out more information about the Design Museum's position regarding volunteering and its commitment to:

• Positively and actively engaging volunteers in its work
• Offering fully supported, well-managed volunteer opportunities
• Following consistent and fair volunteer recruitment and management procedures
• Providing a duty of care towards its visitors, staff and volunteers

Get in touch

For more information, contact the volunteering team on +44 (0)20 3862 5875.