Fear and Love Film series

NOWNESS presents

Global video channel NOWNESS presents Fear and Love, a gonzo collaboration with the Design Museum.

About the series

Fear and Love profiles designers, architects and creative thinkers with a gonzo twist.

The series is also a nod to one of the museum’s inaugural exhibitions, Fear and Love: Reactions to a Complex World, which challenges designers to share their view on pressing contemporary topics, from sustainability and technology to the changing landscape of love in a digital age.

In hopes of capturing the nonconformist, fast-paced nature of design and its practitioners, Fear and Love goes against the grain of the sit-down interview and profiles designers, architects, and creative thinkers with a gonzo twist, capturing meandering conversations that touch on the personal, the professional, and the entirely tangential.

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Bethan Laura Wood

The offbeat designer gives a walking tour of the east London hangouts that inspire her work. In the second episode of the NOWNESS series, Fear and Love—made in collaboration with the Design Museum— multidisciplinary designer Bethan Laura Wood tours some of the East London haunts that inspire her colorful practice and vibrant everyday.

John Pawson

The British designer goes a bit existential as he shows us around the new Design Museum. In the first episode of the NOWNESS series, Pawson walks you through his superb reimagining of the former 1960s landmark building, which this week opens as the new home of the Design Museum.

John Pawson


Fear and Love: Reactions to a Complex World

Eleven new installations by some of the most innovative and thought-provoking designers and architects working today.

Background image: Hélène Binet