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Product Fitness 80

Product fitness 80, Design Museum. Images by Joe Humphrys

09 March 2012 – 18 March 2012

What would happen if we used 20% less materials and energy to make products? On the one year anniversary of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, Muji presents a display at the Design Museum that reconsiders the way we look at what makes good product design. The natural disaster and the ongoing concern about damaged power plants in Japan, has prompted Muji to rethink the way in which design impacts on the way we use energy.

The products in the exhibition all address the question, what would happen if we used 20% less materials and energy in the actual process of making products? And in terms of the final object, what is then the role of the user in customising, re-using and recycling products in order to reduce energy consumption?

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Highlights from the Product fitness 80 talk at the Design Museum with Naoto Fukasawa, Sam Hecht and Konstantin Grcic, moderated by Tyler Brûlé. Listen to the podcast

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