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Shape my Language

Shape my Language installation first exhibited at the Walking-Chair Gallery in Vienna, Austria, 2010

28 January 2011 – 06 March 2011

Located in the Design Museum cafe and atrium, the Shape My Language installation combines a display by renowned type designer Bruno Maag, from the typeface and logo design agency Dalton Maag, with images from his work on the Ubuntu font project, part of the re-brand of open-source computer operating system Ubuntu.

Shape My Language, by Bruno Maag, was first shown in March 2010 at the Walking-Chair Gallery in Vienna and is comprised of a large collection of glyphs from the world’s many script systems. Recreated for 2011, and suspended within the Design Museum’s stairwell, the piece includes recognisable characters alongside more unusual forms from a range of languages.

As an extension to this display, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, is offering visitors an opportunity to get involved with the Ubuntu user community. Large abstract letterforms will be displayed alongside a projection of visitors' tweets. These tweets will be displayed in the Ubuntu font. Top tweets will be selected to share with Design Museum visitors and Twitter users around the world.

“There are dozens of different script systems in use in the world today, giving shape to thousands of spoken languages. A typeface designer’s task is not only to visualise the emotion with which a message is spoken but also to ensure that the reader can absorb the message with a minimum of distraction.?
Bruno Maag, Managing Director, Dalton Maag.

Dalton Maag has been designing fonts and logos since 1991. It works with design agencies to provide logo designs and font solutions for clients.

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