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Apple iBook, 1999

iBook - 1999

The original iBook was the first portable product we designed specifically for consumers. There is a tendency for designers to understand the use of a product soley in terms of what happens between its being switched on and off. Convinced that carrying the product also defined an important aspect of its use, we developed the flip-up handle and robust polycarbonate shells co-moulded with rubber.

Apple iBook, 1999

As soon as the display is opened the iBook automatically awakes from sleep mode – a mechanism was developed so that the display could easily be opened and closed without a latch.

The construction of the enclosure included a number of manufacturing processes combing diverse materials to achieve a single composite with a broad range of mechanical properties. The handle, for example, is made from Serlin moulded over a magnesium core.

Apple PowerMac G4 Tower, 1999

PowerMac G4 Tower - 1999

The professional users of this product routinely require immediate access to its internal components. The final design describes our preoccupation with access. An entire side of the product forms a door which opens to reveal the main logic board. We also created a continuous surface that defined four handles at each of the product corners making it easy to move.

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