Christmas Workshop

Winter Wreath Making

Come and enjoy making something beautiful and sustainable for the festive season. Learn how to make an evergreen wreath using traditional native foliage with SSAW Collective.

What to expect

In this workshop, you will be creating a base from natural materials and traditional native foliage such as Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe. The wreaths will be fully compostable, with a naturally dyed ribbon for hanging.

You will learn from the founder of SSAW Collective, a community of chefs, florists and growers motivated by practices that are led by nature and a movement towards a slower, more considered approach that benefits both people and the planet, advocating for equal opportunities, fair wages and positive ways of working.

You will discover the history and significance of the wreath, find out how to forage for materials considerately and understand the importance of protecting and maintaining our hedgerows as winter sustenance and habitat for birds and other wildlife.

This event has been cancelled.


Olivia Wilson

Olivia runs British Flower Studio Wetherly. Her work is rooted in the landscape of Britain and the temporal cycles of nature. She founded the SSAW Collective as an opportunity to collaborate with others who share the same passion for seasonality and sustainability combining the best aspects of individual practices and skill sharing, recreating the sense of camaraderie of working as a team that she’d missed when setting up her own business.

SSAW Collective

The SSAW Collective is a community of chefs, florists and growers committed to an ethical way of working with seasonal produce, advocating for positive ecological change in their food, flower and farming systems. The collective specialises in food and florals for events and stand for biodiversity, accessibility and creativity, celebrating the ephemerality of nature and promoting true seasonality and sustainability.

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