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Waste Age: Multisensory Tour

Join tour guide Andrew Mashigo for a curated multisensory tour of Amy: Beyond the Stage for blind and partially sighted visitors.

What to expect

We all know waste is a big problem. So how are we going to fix it?

The exhibition Waste Age: What can design do? brings together a new generation of designers rethinking our relationship to everyday things. From fashion to food, electronics to construction, even packaging – finding the lost value in our trash and imagining a future of clean materials and a circular economy could point the way out of the Waste Age.

In this multisensory tour, guide Andrew Mashigo shares some of the most innovative projects for designing our way out of the Waste crisis.

Installation by artist Ibrahim Mahama made from e-waste in Ghana

Sisal Table made from agave leaves left over from tequila distilleries by Fernando Laposse, 2019.

Charlotte McCurdy and Phillip Lim's biodegradable plant-based dress made of algae bioplastic sequins.

Bottle-Top Chain: A Winter's Month of Bottle Top. 6,600 bottle tops collected by volunteers from the Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition in Cornwall between Dec 2015 - Feb 2016.

Booking information

Free event. Pre-booking required.

Due to very limited capacity, this tour is only for blind and partially sighted visitors.

Please ensure you only book if you definitely plan to attend and cancel your booking in advance if your availability changes.

For your safety, we are operating at a reduced capacity for our events and increased cleaning has also been implemented across the museum.
Face masks are mandatory unless you are exempt.

Capacity: 30 people


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Andrew Mashigo

Andrew is an artist, design enthusiast and freelance museum educator. He works collaboratively with blind and visually impaired creative practitioners, creating collaborative workshops, exhibitions and tours.

The exhibition

Waste Age: What can design do?

We are living in the age of waste. Is design the answer to leaving our throwaway culture behind?

Background image: Waste Age exhibition featuring the ongoing research project Materialism by studio DRIFT, which takes everyday items and investigates what materials they are made of. Exhibition photography by Felix Speller.