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Multisensory Tour: Home Futures

Join this Multisensory Tour for blind and partially sighted visitors to explore what home means today through the ideas of 20th century architects and designers.

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What to expect

Join this multisensory tour to explore what home means today. Discover the radical visions of 20th century architects such as Archigram and Superstudio, and how their visions compare to the homes of the present. Some of the topics discussed will include: the rise of technology in the home; shared-living and the open-source movement.

Led by tour-guide Andrew Mashigo, this multisensory tour will provide an overview of the key themes and designers in the exhibition. Please note that this tour is for blind and partially sighted visitors.


Andrew Mashigo

Andrew is an artist, design enthusiast and freelance museum educator. He works collaboratively with blind and visually impaired creative practitioners, creating collaborative workshops, exhibitions and tours.

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