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Industry Insights: Designing How We Learn

Explore how designers are developing alternative spaces and tools for design education in this talk for university students, early-career practitioners and design-educators.

What to expect

How can design education evolve to respond to the challenges of today’s world?

From the Bauhaus of the 1930’s to the work of Global Tools in the 1970’s, designers have been active in re-imagining the purposes, spaces and methods of design education. With the current rise of self-organised summer schools, reading groups and residency programmes, designers today are exploring how alternative models might be developed outside of formal education to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Join interactive talks from a range of practitioners across design, architecture and self-organised education who will share their recent projects and insights into creating new spaces for learning.

Industry Insights is a talks series for university students which encourages knowledge sharing and networking.

Booking information

Student: £5
Tutor: £10

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