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Hope to Nope BSL Tour

Join this British Sign Language Tour of Hope to Nope: Graphics and politics 2008-18 and discover how graphic design and new technologies are shaping the politics of our times.

What to expect

Graphic design has become a powerful political tool, used by the marginalised and leaders alike. From internet memes to party campaigns, graphic design is also expanding to accommodate new strategies for visual communication.

This British Sign Language tour provides an introduction to the exhibition. Journeying through Occupy Wall Street, Momentum, Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution and the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil, this tour will examine some of the 160 objects and installations in the exhibition to explore the role that political graphics are playing in our world today.

Booking information

Free, but booking required.


Martin Glover

Martin Glover is a qualified architect and a deaf BSL user. He will explore and discuss the issues over how the works both impact General Public and deaf communities alike.



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