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Designing Time

Designer Helga Schmid curates a day of talks and performances exploring design and alternative time systems.

What to expect

Join a day of talks and live performances exploring the design of alternative time systems, based on daily bodily rhythms (known as circadian rhythm).

Currently, 'clock time' structures and directs human behaviour. But are there alternative time systems that are better for our health, happiness and overall productivity? Rather than being guided by the clock, the installation investigates new time systems and ways of living.

A series of participatory events and activities over the course of the weekend will test and challenge the structures and rhythms of contemporary life. On Saturday evening there will be a public talk by scientists, artists and designers on the design of time and the nature of temporality.


Saturday 23 February 2019

11:00 – 12:00
Wake-up Phase
Time & Non-Time
Helga Schmid (speaker)
Piotr Ceglarek & Ronnie Deelen (sound)

12:10 – 13:30
Cognitive Performance Phase
Work & Time
Frances Holliss in conversation
with Claudia Dutson (speakers)
Demystification Committee (sound)

13:30– 14:00
Nap Phase

14:00– 15:00
Physical Performance Phase
Time & Body
Debra Skene (speaker)
& Laura Lorenzi (performancer)

15:00– 16:00
Intuitive Phase
Time & Philosophy
Federico Campagna (speaker)
Piotr Ceglarek & Ronnie Deelen (sound)

16:00– 17:00
Sleepiness Phase
Time & Culture
Matthew Fuller (speaker)
Demystification Committee (sound)

17:00– 18:00
Sleep Phase
Piotr Ceglarek & Ronnie Deelen (sound)


Speakers include: Federico Campagna (Royal College of Art), Claudia Dutson (Royal College of Art),* Frances Hollis* (London Metropolitan University), Matthew Fuller (Professor of Cultural Studies, Goldsmith), Debra Skene (University of Surrey)

Contributors/artists include:Piotry Ceglarek, Tereza Červeńová, Ronnie Deleen, Demystification Committee, Francisco Ibanez, Nayan Kulkarmi and Mále Uribe Fores.

Sponsored by:
Savoir Beds

Download the full PDF programme at the link below.

Uchronia by Helga Schmid , Designers in Residence 2018

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Uchronia by Helga Schmid , Designers in Residence 2018

Uchronia by Helga Schmid , Designers in Residence 2018

Uchronia by Helga Schmid , Designers in Residence 2018

Booking information

Saturday 23 February: 18.00-20:00
Adult: £5
Student/Concession: free, but must book online in advance
Members go free for the talk but will need to book online in advance


Dr Helga Schmid

Dr Helga Schmid is a London-based design researcher and experience and communication designer. Helga is one of the Design Museum's Designer In Residence 2018. Her project explores the nature of temporality in relation to today's society.

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