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Yuri Suzuki: New Music New Functionalities

Yuri Suzuki curates an evening of talks and performances exploring the connection between contemporary design and music.

What to expect

Curated by the sound designer and electronic musician Yuri Suzuki, this event examines the work of creative practitioners breaking new ground within music and sound design.

Suzuki will be joined by product designer Vahakn Matossian from Human Instruments, and artist Imogen Piper, whose musical composition ‘Encoded Revolt’ is derived from the co-ordinates of airstrikes in Syria. The evening will feature a rendition of ‘Encoded Revolt’, as well as a live performance by the celebrated musician John Kelly, a member of the British Paraorchestra.

New Music New Functionalities is part of a wider series of performances and talks curated by the quarterly design journal Disegno to celebrate Suzuki’s Furniture Music exhibition at the Stanley Picker Gallery in Kingston upon Thames.

Qu'est ce Que C'est, Yuri Suzuki

Yuri Suzuki

Sonic Field, BLK

Ototo by Dentaku

Ototo by Dentaku

AR Music Kit, Yuri Suzuki

Colour Chaser, Hitomi Kai Yoda

Colour Chaser, Hitomi Kai Yoda

Vahakn Matossian, BC Prototyping

Booking information

Adult: £12
Student/Concession: £8.00
Members: £9


Vahakn Matossian

Vahakn Matossian is an artist, product designer and musician. Together with his father Rolf Gehlhaar, he runs Human Instruments, a company that produces high-quality musical instruments for people with physical disabilities. Matossian was recently made Ambassador for MIT Innovators Under 35.

Imogen Piper

Imogen Piper is an artist who seeks to draw parallels between disparate systems, producing artworks from these untested convergences and addressing current political issues and wider societal uncertainties. Her process is research-driven and systematic, with work covering film, publication, sculpture, and performance.

Yuri Suzuki

Yuri Suzuki is a sound artist, designer, and electronic musician exploring sound through design products and the relationship between sound and people. His work has been exhibited all over the world, and his clients include Google, Moog, and Disney. Images.