The Phaidon Book Club

The Design Museum has partnered with Phaidon to launch a new book club, exploring a range of design topics, themes and practices. Explore a new book picked by the Design Museum each month.

Ward Bennett

Born in 1917, Ward Bennett was under-regarded as a modernist designer in his lifetime, perhaps because of the un-ostentatious, uncluttered way in which he lived. Essentially, he believed in simplicity, both in his design and as a design for life. He began in fashion but would eventually excel in furniture.

Spectrum - John Pawson

“Colour is an attribute people don’t necessarily associate with my work,” says the minimalist architect John Pawson. “There is a longstanding presumption that it is all about whiteness. The truth is that it is impossible to talk about any architecture — including my own — without talking about colour. Le Corbusier described architecture as masses brought together in light. And as soon as you have light, you have colour. As Goethe put it, ‘Colours and light stand in the most intimate relation to each other’.”