Design Ventura

Bringing the business of design to life with Deutsche Bank, students answer a live brief to design a new product for the Design Museum shop. Design Ventura provides a real world context for learning, providing students with first-hand experience of the importance of design in our economy and society.

Design Ventura 2015

Design Ventura 2014

Design Ventura 2014

Design Ventura 2014

Design Ventura 2014

Design Ventura 2014

Design Ventura 2014

Learning outcomes include:

• Team work

• Research skills

• Communication and presentation skills

• Design development

• Financial literacy

• Understanding the industry context of design

What do the students say?

'I liked working with my friends on something we can be proud of ourselves and each other about' — Year 9 Student

Join in online

Online resources bring the Design Museum to your classroom allowing you to run the project at your own pace, in your own way, with the winning product taken to market in the Design Museum Shop.

Free for Years 9, 10 and 11

A live brief in a real context for design students

Open to UK secondary schools and British international schools

A unique opportunity for students to learn from business and design experts

Supports D&T and related subjects

Free CPD and handling collections for participating schools