Free Family Activity

Waste Age Family Day

Join two days of creating, making and learning at the Design Museum for families and young children to inspire a waste free future.

Free Activities


Enjoy an energising performance from The Green House Theatre on waste, sustainability and design.

A roaming storyteller will offer interactive musical narratives and storytelling linked to the exhibition Waste Age: What can design do?.

Suitable for families with younger children.

Waste Mini Challenge

Using pencils and postcards provided, see if you can design with waste in mind. Come up with an idea for a new product made from waste or that tackles the problem of waste and enter it into the Design Ventura post box. Winners will be announced and sent a prize via post at a later date.

Suitable for all ages.

Create and Make for families

In collaboration with designer Isobel Irwin, the museum will offer two exciting drop-in activities for families:

Let's build a shop made out of waste
Let’s reimagine the future of retail when it comes to waste. Help create an interactive installation from waste materials that will work as a post-waste Design Museum shop of the future. The made-up shop will have shelves, tills, display structures and products all built from waste materials. Materials will be provided so that children can make their own Design Ventura product to add to the Design Museum Shop installation.

Let's build a paper shopping basket
A handout activity that will invite you to weave your own shopping basket out of wastepaper so that you can use it in our 'waste shop'.

Suitable for families with children age 4 - 12 years old.

Supported by

Design Ventura

Design Ventura is a free, annual design challenge for students in years 9, 10 and 11, run by the Design Museum and supported by Deutsche Bank as part of its global youth engagement programme Born to Be.

The Exhibition

Waste Age: What can design do?

Explore how we are living in the age of waste. Is design the answer to leaving our throwaway culture behind?