Memphis Max introduces Home Futures

Saturday 26 January, 30-minute tours starting 12:00-15:00
Sunday 27 January, 30-minute tours starting 11:00-14:00

A free drama performance to discover one of the most influential design collectives of the 20th century and their work in the Home Futures exhibition

The tour will start in Designer Maker User and will provide an introduction to Home Futures without going into the exhibition. Exhibition tickets are sold separately.

Who is Memphis Max?

He was there when it all happened. An Ettore Sottsass insider who will take you through the progression from the Valentine typewriter right through to the fateful night that a whole movement was born. Synonymous with the 1980s, the Memphis movement saw the birth of the ‘maximalists’ who would try to repeatedly try to go bigger and better.

Drama character, Memphis Max originally visited the museum during the opening weekend in Kensington, in November 2016. Now word has reached him that influential designs by his old friends Ettore Sottsass, Michele de Lucchi, Hans Hollein and Martine Bedin are featured in the Home Futures exhibition.

Memphis Design

In December 1980, Ettore Sottsass met with a group of designers with the aim to create a new design collective (where a group of artists or designers create work together under one name). Everyone went away in order to come up with ideas, and three months after their initial meeting, the group met again, this time bringing over a hundred drawings with them! Memphis Max claims he was there...

A Unique Style

Although many people ridiculed their work, the Memphis group were groundbreaking. Their use of clashing colours, haphazard arrangements and brightly coloured plastic laminate was previously unseen. Memphis ushered in a more creative approach to design, where they poked fun at every day objects by designing them in a way that was unusual.

Memphis Max at the museum

Memphis Max at the museum

The Tawaraya Boxing Ring bed

This bed in the shape of a boxing ring was designed by Masonori Umeda for Memphis, an Italian design and architecture group founded by Ettore Sottsass in 1980. This iconic photograph shows all the founders of Memphis in the Tawaraya Ring. Credit | Masanori Umeda, Tawaraya Boxing Ring, 1981. Credit Studio Azzurro / Courtesy Memphis Srl

A system to liberate the home from consumer goods

Micro Environment by Ettore Sottsass, 1972

A proposal for an inflatable, portable office

In 1969, years before laptops allowed for work on the go, Hans Hollein proposed a mobile office in the form of a transparent bubble for a nomadic lifestyle. It forecasted the conditions of work and life in an automated, networked world. Credit | Just Landed. Hans Hollein in his ‘Mobile Office’, 1969. Courtesy of Private Archive Hollein.

Sinerpica Angolosa by Michele De Lucchi, 1978

A table lamp for Studio Alchimia

Super by Martine Bedin for Memphis

Table lamp

The tour

The tour will start in Designer Maker User, the free permanent display on level 2.

Memphis Max will introduce Memphis and objects by members of the design collective featured in the Home Futures exhibition. Tickets to the exhibition will be available on the day at the ticket desk. You can also book tickets to Home Futures in advance.

Each tour lasts up to 30 minutes. Book your slot in advance.

Saturday 26 January, tours at 12:00, 13:00, 14:00 and 15:00
Sunday 27 January, tours at 11:00, 12:00, 13:00 and 14:00