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Crowdsourced Wall

We are surrounded by objects. Millions of them fill our homes, our workplaces and the environment around us. Some objects are functional and practical, while others are decorative and sculptural. Whether we use them every day or just a few times in our lives, they are important because of the personal connection we have with them.

This is where you come in

What object do you want to see in the new Design Museum?

As part of the Design Museum's inaugural permanent Design Gallery we will be creating a display made up of objects suggested by you. Please use the form below to suggest your favourite object or ones which you feel are particularly well designed. These objects, along with your reasons for choosing them, will be featured at the entrance of the exhibition.

Ericofon telephone, 1941, Ralph Lysell, Ericsson

Drill, Black and Decker

RS01 cutlery, 1997, Richard Sapper, Alessi

Food mixer, Braun A.G.

Jim Nature Portable Television, 1994, Philippe Stark, Thompson Consumer Electronics for Saba

Transport sign, 1964, Jock Kinneir + Margaret Calvert

Canon EOS 750 SLR camera, 1989

Durabeam torch, Nick Butler (B.I.B Associates), Duracell

G-Star coat hanger, Mark Newson, G-Star Raw Denim

Computer mouse, Apple Computer Inc.

Scrubbing brush, 1990s, Smart Design, OXO International

There are a few things you might like to consider:

• What object do you rely on the most?

• Is there one object that could represent your identity?

• What object symbolises where you come from, or where you live now?

• If you were given £20, what object would you buy?

• Of the objects you own, which do you feel is the most practical?

• What object do you find most beautiful?

• If you could put anything in the Design Museum what would it be?

• You can choose to share either one or two objects

Suggest an object and win

Those who suggest their object of choice will be in the running to win two passes to the museums opening preview night in November, as well as a yearlong membership. There will also be further memberships given to runners up.

How do I make a suggestion?

Send your Name, Age, Country, Object and why you have chosen this object to or complete the form below.

Fill out my online form.

Terms and Conditions

Submission does not mean inclusion in the display. Submitted images will only be used for reference. By submitting the text, you are giving the museum permission to use your name and this text in any media and without consultation.