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Lunch and Learn

Keep  inspired and  informed with fashion starter packs, lunch time sketching with leading architects and more.   Why not use this time to  learn some new skills?

Workshop with Sanne Visser

On Tuesday afternoon, materials innovator Sanne Visser will take viewers behind the scenes in her studio to explore her cicular design practice using human hair, and will be set a brief to get creative in their own homes.

Emergency Designer Network

Discover what designers are doing to help medics on the frontline fighting coronavirus.

Raeburn Responsible Fashion Design Starter Pack

Learn sustainable approaches to fashion with Christopher Raeburn.

Mineral life in the Atacama Desert

Up-skill and fuel your creativity with Mále Uribe Fores, the Design Museum's current Designer in Residence.

Climate Club Adapt on the power of graphic design in activism

Join climate club and creative studio Adapt to mark Earth Day by exploring how design can support environmental activism.

Photography Workshop with Felix Speller

Capture design objects at home in this lockdown-ready workshop, with professional photographer Felix Speller.

Create and Send a 3D Object with School of Speculation

Join this workshop led by School of Speculation to dive into the world of photogrammetry.

Drawing Workshop with Clym Evernden

Reimagine your initials and create colourful designs with acclaimed artist, Clym Evernden, in this special drawing challenge.

Pilates Class

This class, suitable for all levels, will be hosted by OPUS studio owner, David Kingsbury. Expect traditional Pilates moves, with strength and endurance exercises to deliver a rounded, full-body session.

Learn with the Design Museum

Learn with the Design Museum

Upskill with free learning sessions for adults.