for 14 - 16 year olds Young Design Museum

Ardagh Young Creatives

Are you 14 – 16? Join the Design Museum and its exciting designers to redesign a better world.

Say hello to your design future

We recognise the design world isn’t diverse, and we want to change that. We’re welcoming up to 30 young people aged 14-16 based in London from under-represented groups to explore all aspects of design, from product to campaigns and movements.

Working with exciting established and emerging designers we will upskill and inspire you to make a difference in your world.

As a young person led project, we start with what’s important to you. Through a series of workshops, you tell us how you want to design a better future – then, we make it a reality.

Whether it’s a product, a performance, a campaign or a community endeavour – we make it happen and showcase your work professionally and publicly.

You will connect and work together with other young people across London.

What you need to know

We are looking for young people for whom one or more of the following applies:

• Identify as a Person of Colour (POC)

• Are young carers

• Are in care

• Have a disability, special educational needs (SEND)

• Are on Free Schools Meals

. . .

Through workshops, projects and mentoring you will:

– Learn about design processes and design thinking

– Gain practical skills

– Collaborate with our amazing emerging and existing designers

– Work towards an exciting creative project

– Make the most of your personal experience and skills

– Build your portfolio / CV

– Have a professional mentor

. . .


Start: April 2021 | End: August 2021

Location: When open, in the Design Museum, or online.

. . .


Summer term – Saturdays during term time + one week in the Summer holidays.
If you are shielding or cannot attend the museum but still want to be involved, please still apply and note it on your form.

Exact timetable will be flexible to suit the group.

How to apply

We want you to think about your world and how you want to make it better.

Think about an issue you care about. Is there something you want more of? Something you miss? Something you could change for the better?

1. What is the problem you're trying to solve?

2. Who are you designing for?

3. Why would your design make things better?

4. Tell us your ideas in any of the ways below:

– writing it down

– uploading a 1-2 mins video

– uploading an image/picture

– or whatever suits you!

You will not be judged on your grades or qualifications, but on your ideas, passion and curiosity.

. . .


Submit your ideas by Sunday 18 April 2021, 5pm

Need some inspiration? Visit the Ideas Machine webpage.



If you are a designer who is interested in volunteering as a mentor and coach to support young people on their journey, please complete the application form expressing why this opportunity appeals to you, and what your experiences might bring.

The museum is looking for designers and facilitators who work in the creative industries to support this initiative through mentoring, coaching and leading workshops.

The museum actively encourages applications from those who are representative of the young people and/or can relate to their experiences, and/or have had unusual careers or pathways.


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Illustration by Danny Sangra