Set in Stone

‘Set in Stone’ presents a selection of works by nine designers invited to explore the potential of marble and limestone. These works, displayed in various locations both inside and outside the museum, include objects intended for public use, such as seating by Eduardo Souto de Moura and a slide by Elemental, graphic pieces by Sagmeister & Walsh and a series of domestic objects by Michael Anastassiades and Jasper Morrison.

The project is an investigation of the qualities of stone, and the technical means through which it is cut and shaped. The natural formation of stone over millions of years produces patterns and textures that are unique and unrepeatable. The designers’ responses represent small moments of monumentality that reflect the solidity and permanence of an elemental material. Originally conceived by the Portuguese curator, Guta Moura Guedes, the project has spanned more than two years and includes the work of 24 international architects and designers.

Set in Stone includes works by Eduardo Souto de Moura, Elemental, Jasper Morrison, Jorge Silva, Michael Anastassiades, Paulo David, Peter Saville, Sagmeister & Walsh and Miguel Vieira Baptista.

Resistance Conversadeira Eduardo Souto De Moura ©RicardoGonçalves, Vitra Campus

Resistance Mult Paulo David ©RicardoGonçalves, Vitra Campus

Resistance A Thing Not An Object Elemental ©Joana Morais, Vitra Campus

Still Motion Don't Look Back Sagmeister Walsh ©JoanaLinda

Still Motion Pictorama Jorge Silva ©JoanaLinda

Background image | Common Sense Alpinina JasperMorrison ©RicardoGonçalves