Installations and talks

London Design Festival 2017

The Design Museum will be taking part in this year’s London Design Festival which celebrates and promotes London as the design capital of the world. Now in its fifteenth year, the Festival will be returning to venues and institutions across the city between the 16-24 September 2017.

Find out more about the programme of installations and talks happening around the museum.



Set in Stone

‘Set in Stone’ presents a selection of works by eight designers invited to explore the potential of marble and limestone.

Land Rover ‘Reductionism’

Devised and produced by the Land Rover design team, ‘Reductionism’ is a full size installation of an automotive speed form.

Stellar Works | Indigo: A Cultural Iconography

Craft-based furniture manufacturer Stellar Works presents an installation featuring material samples, traditional hand tools and bentwood chairs celebrating traditional indigo dying processes.

Laufen - A curated Art Show. What?

This installation exhibits the work of 12 international designers and design studios who were given an open brief to explore new forms and manufacturing techniques using ceramics.


10 Years of Designers in Residence

To mark 10 years of Designers in Residence, the museum is bringing together members of its prestigious alumni for one-off celebratory event during London Design Festival.

A talk by Hella Jongerius

On the occasion of her exhibition ‘Breathing Colour’, the designer Hella Jongerius discusses her work and extensive research into colour theory.

Cross Government Design Meetup

During London Design Festival, Cross Government Design are holding a cross-government design meetup, open to the public, featuring talks from Arup director Dan Hill and designers from across the public sector.