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The new Design Museum touch tour

A multi-sensory tour of Designer Maker User, the Design Museum’s permanent exhibition, followed by a workshop for blind and partially sighted visitors.

What to expect

This Sensory Trail explores the Design Museum’s permanent collection, Designer Maker User. Stopping at particular exhibits, this tour is designed to provide an introduction to contemporary design and to explore the ways in which design engages with all of our senses.

This tour provides tactile experiences and creates opportunities and accommodations for blind and partially sighted visitors to enjoy the touch, sounds and scents of the exhibition. The Sensory Trail will end with workshop activities performed by participants in response to the tour, some improvised and some pre-determined.

The tour will last approximately I hour and 30 minutes. If you are interested in this free tour, please book online.

Image credit | Luke Hayes

Image credit | Luke Hayes

Image credit | Luke Hayes

Image credit | Luke Hayes

Image credit | Luke Hayes

Book online

Booking Information

Saturday 10 June 2017, 11:00 am-12:30 pm

Free but must be booked.

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Designer Maker User

Designer Maker User presents the museum’s collection to look at the development of modern design through these three interconnected roles.

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The new Design Museum aims to make access to design enjoyable and welcoming to the widest possible audience. Whether you’re taking part in the dedicated Access programme or just popping in for a visit, the museum does everything it can to make sure your experience is enjoyable.

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The new Design Museum is now open in its brand new home in Kensington. The new location is 224-238 Kensington High Street, London, W8 6AG.