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10 Years of Designers in Residence

To mark 10 years of Designers in Residence, the museum is bringing together members of its prestigious alumni for one-off celebratory event during London Design Festival.

What to expect

This year marks 10 years of the Designers in Residence Programme at the Design Museum. From its inception in 2007, the programme has provided emerging designers with time and space away from their regular environment to reflect, research and consider new ways of developing research and practice.

It's prestigious alumni includes; Asif Khan, Bethan Laura Wood, Giles Miller, Simon Hasan and Yuri Suzuki among others.

To celebrate this milestone, the museum is hosting an afternoon of talks, presentations and activities led by the past and present Designers in Residence to reflect on a decade of creativity, innovation and experimentation in design practice.

This fast and fun-filled event promises to shed light on current design practice and thinking today while reflecting on how the residency programme has nurtured and shaped a rostra of leading innovators in design over the last year 10 years.



This year’s Designers in Residence discuss their work in conversation with members of the alumni:

- Bike and Begum Ayaskan in conversation with Sarah Van Gameren

- Chris Hildrey in conversation with Clementine Blakemore

- Soomi Park in conversation with Patrick Stevenson-Keating

- Yinka Danmole in conversation with Alexa Pollmann


- Break


Design Relay

The afternoon will bring together past and present members of the Designers in Residence programme from the last 10 years. Each designer has just 5 minutes to respond to this year’s residency theme of Support

Speakers include:

  • Patrick Stevenson-Keating
  • Jade Folawiyo
  • Torsten Sherwood
  • Alix Bizet
  • James Christian
  • Chloe Meineck
  • Rain Wu
  • Alexa Pollmann
  • Chris Green
  • Hefin Jones
  • Freyja Sewell
  • Clementine Blakemore
  • Bike and Begum Ayaskan
  • Soomi Park
  • Yinka Danmole
  • Chris Hildrey

Copyright | Soomi Park, The Republic of Privacy - Sniffer Dog Authentication (2013), Image credit: Marcel Helmer, 3D modelling: Hyung-ok Park

Copyright | the Design Museum

Copyright | the Design Museum

Copyright | 2014 Designers in Residence, the Design Museum

Copyright | the Design Museum

Copyright | Sarah Yantralection by Adam Nathaniel Furman

Copyright | 2013 Designers in Residence, the Design Museum

Copright | Yuri Suzuki

Copyright | the Design Museum

Copyright | Designers in Residence - Sarah Van Gameren installation shot 2

Copyright | Designers in Residence Group Shot, Jenny Lewis

Copyright | the Design Museum

Copyright | the Design Museum

Copyright | Designers in Residence, Bethan Wood 2, photo by Luke Hayes

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Adult £15, student/ concession £11, members £13.

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