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Your studio is the museum’s new Further Education workshops programme for level 3 design students. The programme has been created and mapped to core BTEC curricula to give an insight into the professional conditions and responsibilities of designing and to ‘demystify’ aspects of the industry using the museum as a creative hub, encouraging students to adopt a playful attitude matched by a rigorous approach to design.

Your Studio workshops are mapped to the following BTEC and UAL Diploma Units:


Below are short descriptions of the workshops currently on offer - for more detail, please download further information here.

The Idea Generation
This specialist workshop aims to nourish creativity as well as developing key employability skills, including time management, communication and teamwork. Students build their own brief through primary research and develop ideas through ‘analogue’ rapid prototyping. They are encouraged to use a wide assortment of materials, chosen to capture the imagination and stimulate playful design thinking.

Surface Pattern Value
This popular workshop aims to model professional design process, including team collaboration, sketch-booking and visualisation of design ideas to a range of products and surfaces. Students are briefed to create a pattern that expresses the Design Museum’s values, challenging them to reflect on their client’s core mission and brand as well as the relationship of pattern to a range of applications and contexts. The workshop is adaptable to students following Graphics, Product and Spatial design pathways, as well as Fashion.

Exhibition Hack - NEW FOR 2014-15
This exclusive workshop offers Level 3 vocational learners the chance to work on realistic design briefs with the Design Museum as their client.
Using a real ‘exhibition designer’ case study to inform and inspire their learning, students will conduct research into the design systems that make an exhibition experience and work collaboratively in design teams each focussing on a particular exhibition design problem. They will apply their ICT skills to prepare a persuasive pitch to their ‘client,’ the Design Museum.


The workshops last approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes*. They take place every Friday during term, in two time-slots:
Morning workshop: 10:30am-12.15pm
Afternoon workshop: 12:45pm-2.30pm

£10 per FE Student
T 020 7940 8782

Ticket includes museum admission and workshop fee (including facilitation and materials). Advance booking is essential.

*Tutors are admitted free with their group and are advised to allow around 3-3.5 hours in total for their visit, including self-directed research in the exhibitions before and/or after a Your Studio workshop. Please check back soon for new learning resources available for 2014-15 study visits to support independent research and extend learning from the workshops.

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