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Pottery Goes Pop

Magic City, Serif shape, 1966
Gold Sun Jar, Cylinder shape, 1963
Cypher, Serif shape, 1964
Volterra Milk Jug, 1965
Images courtesy of: Portmeirion pottery archive, Stoke-on-Trent

09 January 2009 – 10 March 2009

An engaging figure in post-war British pottery, Susan Williams-Ellis, the daughter of the creator of the cult Welsh hillside village - Portmeirion was celebrated at the Design Museum with a display of her ceramic designs. A free-spirit, she transformed a traditional Stoke-on-Trent factory with her eclectic forms, patterns and decoration inspired by her love of Victorian popular culture, the places she visited on her extensive travels and all the while absorbing the vibe of the Swinging Sixties. With over forty pieces from the Portmeirion Pottery archive, the focus was on her early bold and colourful ceramic designs. Patterns such as Totem, Monte Sol and Magic City embody this lively period when Williams-Ellis was relishing experimenting with the design and manufacture of earthenware.

This was a free display is in the cafe area.

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